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online nursing degree

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I would like to study nursing but would like to take classes mostly online because of my busy schedule. Do you know any accredited schools that has online nursing degree?

Any advice for somebody like me that is trying to get into nursing program?

Thank you in advance!

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Have you checked your local schools? Some of them might offer on-line pre-req classes such as "Pharmacology, nutrition, anatomy, statistics, etcetera ", but I've never heard of any offering "Core Nursing classes" online. Clinicals also have to be completed according to your state requirements.

Most online long distance nursing programs are usually for students who are already licensed as a nurse. LPN-RN, RN-BSN LPN-MSN etcetera . You should check your state board of nursing for accredited schools.

They will let you know what on-line options are accepted in your state.

I agree, check locally. Our local community college does offer an online nursing program - but you would still have to go to the school for lab once a week and you would have to be local to do your clinicals at the hospitals in the area.

Good luck!


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to be honest i hope they do not get to the point they will offer core classes online. :eek::eek::eek: i know we all have busy schedules (i choose to work full time while going to school) but the idea that nursing students will have little to no time in a lab prior to being put on the floor sounds like a bad idea to me. it is less convenient to have to drive to a campus to take classes but the hands on experience is so essential to a lot of what nurses do.

Well our school offered an online program, but it only involved online lectures, not lab! Lab still had to be done on campus each week. And of course clinicals were done at the hospitals.

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Panola College in East Texas has an online program but I do not know the details. I know that the didactics are online, but they come to our facility for clinical rotations. They get the same material as any other program. I would call area schools, or search online for their catalogs.

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