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Online lpn to RN program?

by sandman88 sandman88 (New) New Nurse

I’m thinking of getting a job that is from 8-500 pm m-f.   I don’t want to be an lpn forever.   This are no schools in my area with evening lpn to program.   Anyone in a similar situation and or do an lpn to RN program online??


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I would suggest checking with your BON to see what they’re saying about online bridge programs for your state. Some may even provide a listing on their website. Given the current state of affairs across the world, I would think virtual programs may be incorporated into traditional programs.

I graduated from an online bridge program a little over 10 years ago. It is definitely doable if you’re motivated.


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Jersey College is in New Jersey and Florida (on line due to covid ) , Galen, Fairmount state, Achieve test prep( don't use exclesior though no longer accredited I read ) Many of these schools want like 5 or 6 pre-reqs prior, so If you don't have any it is best to start now. You can always check with your local community college and once pre-reqs are done, get into the second yr of the ADN. good luck 🙂

Lpn to RN riggs college


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Do you have any information on this college? I called and it sounds like it is a brand new program. Is it legit? Thank you.