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I have been toying with entering the Excelsior College RT-to-RN program. However, my wife, who is an RN, suggested that I might see if a program exists that allows online learning of lecture material while doing clinicals on the weekends or in the evening. She is concerned about the states that are denying EC grads (she wants to do travel nursing once the kids are gone and is afraid this may impact it). Does anyone know if such a program exists (I'm particularly interested in the Indiana area).


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Pratt Community College in Pratt, Kansas does this.

ISU does, but not every state accepts them, either.

Very few states, including California, refuse to license an Excelsior grad period. Most have provisions for endorsing in, and many will review you on a case-by-case basis.


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Thanks, queenjean and Suesquatch! I will likely go with EC since everything I have read on this board appears to indicate that if they are not accepted by a state, it seems likely any alternative methods wouldn't be either. Plus, after 20+ years as an RT, I should have picked up a few skills I can put toward an RN degree! :rolleyes:

Hey, no problem. This list is a quick 'n dirty and possibly incorrect listing of which states require what from an EC grad. Indiana looks fine.

BTW, I take the boards a week from Monday, thanks to EC.

Good luck!

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ec is a great option for rt's and later if you and your wife want to do travel nursing cant you pick and choose where you work. meaning you can work around the ec thing...i wish i had a spouse wanting to be a rn and do travel nursing...sounds fun.

one of my friends just completed a 3 month contract in hawaii.....but she is a st....but hawaii wow

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