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Online CNA training?

by JessKim JessKim (New) New

I live in Tallahassee, and I need to start a CNA program soon, however the only CNA training I can find conflicts with my university classes. In fact I can't find anyone that will train me here. How do you all feel about CNA training online? Do you all mostly agree with this, or disagree as a way of getting trained properly?

I could see getting online training for the classroom info but there is a clinical skills component that could not be completed online. In my state you have to pass a written exam and take a skills test in order to get a CNA certificate. I don't think they allow people to challenge this exam. I believe you have to prove that you graduated from a program that includes X number of hours of clinical training. I agree with this. A CNA needs some hands on training in basic skills before they get to the job.

Oh ok, thanks for the input, in Florida, where I am from, you ARE allowed to challenge the exam and the clinical part of the training will be all virtual in the program.

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This is interesting...do you get to do clinical hours, at least? Soon, they may have on line LPN programs. Personally, I don't think it is advisable. There are many skills that can be chosen for the CNA candidate to perform, and nothing beats hands on, in my opinion. But, if your state allows it, then, why not go for it...people will, anyhow. But they should at least have a skills lab to go to at least once a week.

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