Online classes at Northwestern State University in Shreveport


If any one has or is attending Northwestern State University in Shreveport then I need your help. I've been told they do not offer some classes on campus but they do online. Does anyone have an idea which classes they do not offer?

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"You've been told" doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. Neither will someone here telling you something mean it's true. You can, however, contact an admissions advisor at the school and ask these questions- you will be getting an answer directly from the source and won't have to doubt its accuracy.


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I've contacted them but I have to wait until orientation on July 6. I wanted to have an idea of how many classes before then.

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Hi Ricky! I have moved your post to the school/college forum and added the university name in the title so that people might be more inclined to read it; if it's not a primarily online program, your post will get lost in the online/distance forum.

It might also be helpful to indicate which nursing track you're referencing: ADN, BSN, etc. Good luck!


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Thanks and BSN