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Geez, I can not believe that it has really been one whole year (I passed NCLEX on July 26th). I can't believe I graduated nursing school or got through NCLEX let alone made it a whole year as a nurse. I do not say that because I lack complete confidence I say it because of how difficult of a journey this has been. I remember my first day out of orientation was the worst day EVER. I cried and I even had a patient family member tell my boss that they didn't want any more new nurses for their mother. How's that for a confidence booster?

Today I am getting my work done. I get my meds passed, I find problems and I fix them. 80% of the time I solve my problems without feeling like I need reassurance. I think that's pretty good for me. There is still so much to learn and unfortunately more mistakes to make. BUT I FEEL OKAY! I was one of the new nurses that actually looked up different degrees online (I seriously considered going to mortuary school and into business. Yeah).

I am so glad I stuck it out. I was depressed, beat down, and very pitiful the first 4 months or so. And even in my 7th and 8th month I had set backs BIG TIME personally and mentally.

I was really bad there for a while. Crying at home and crying when I talked to my family about work. They say it takes you a year and by George it really does take a year. I wouldn't say that I am 100% but I am darn close. I just wanted to tell all the new nurses to stick it out!

When a patient's mother tells you "thanks so much for taking good care of us" -- that's when you know you've come a long way. Definitely a big change from the beginning. And it's all worth it.


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i think you have made good points regarding the fact that you do well at times as a new grad but after so many month you can still have set backs! exeprience... (constantly returning to work) is what helps you to learn and grow. congrats and thank you for sharing!:D


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I agree with you on this. I heard it, believed it but it's a whole other thing to go through it. I still ask questions though and always will if I need to. I realize too that as far as Ive come I still have soooo much more to learn. Im hungry to learn too but with much more confidence.

Now at my facility, many of the residents request me over others that have been there for years and years. I say that and feel good about it because it was a long, hard road to get where I am now (omg so many tears I kept hidden inside) . Im looking forward to the years to come and how I will be better able to care for my patients. Whewww....l

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