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did any one take the nclex rn exam on november 15th 2012

by liad liad (New) New


Iam new here I took the NCLEX RN on november 15th a month ago and I haven't seen my name on the California board of nursing,and I haven't recieved my results in the mail.I called the board and they told me that they mailed my results on november the 16th(the day after I took my nclex).My file was complete before I even took the exam.Now the board says that they mailed my results three times.I leave in los angeles and I haven't changed the adress and I verified the adress with the board and at the post office,they deliver the mail everyday but I haven't recieved my results.I need someone who took the exam on november the 15th 2012 to let me know how long it took them to recieve the results in the mail and how long it took them for their name to appear on the board website.Iam going crazy.