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Well I've decided for sure to pursue a career in nursing, but there are quite a few questions that I don't have answered yet that I would like to know?

I did fairly well in all of my Classes the past 2 1/2 years with Either A's or B's and I usually have no problem getting to know the material, the trouble lies in my memory, if you were to give me a quiz over Something back in Biology right now I'd laugh at you and probably not be able to accomplish it.

So on to my question. I think I want to get my ASN first and then maybe go back to get the BSN, but Is the ASN a degree in which you cover more in a shorter amount of time? How many of you Started out with the plan to Get an ASN and planned on getting the BSN at a later date but never went back? If I was to just go for the BSN right away is there a lot of stuff in the Senior Year that you covered way back when you were Freshman?

Is either degree better/worse if you plan on being a Traveling RN? I have been reading quite a few threads about nursing shortages or lack there of.. so how many of you actually think the Job outlook for an RN is a good one? I mean As our population gets bigger we are definitly going to need more/better healthcare services and hopefully more RN's or will RN's Be replaced with something else in the near future??

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Hi David, it doesn't matter which degree you have to be a traveling RN.

The job outlook for RNs remains to be excellent from what I've read recently. Although it may be spotty at times, and may be regioinal, overall job prospects for RNs will remain strong for many years to come.

When I got my ASN, I promised myself to go back in five years. 15 years later, I'm just getting started. It's hard to get motivated when you're out there making good money and living life. Plus school was such a tiring and exhausting time, it was hard to motivate myself to continue. But in many ways now is a good time for me, because the advent of 100% online RN to BSN programs.

However, if possible I always recommend people to get the BSN right away. It wasn't possible for me as my hometown had only an associates program.

I'm one of those learners who learn it for a test, then onto the next subject and would fail a test on the previous material. But somehow I learned enough to pass the boards and become an RN, go figure.

Good luck to you in all you do.

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