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Does your department offer one to one prenatal education? If yes, how much do you charge if anything? I would appreciate your input. We are making cutbacks and our prenatal education which was once a free service must now generate some income.

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We offer group classes and charge I believe $ 25.00 for a four week class, or one on one for $25.00 per hour. Most hospitals in my area charge for prenatal classes, but if families simply can't pay, they will let them take the class for free, that way it does generate income, but it also allows everyone the chance to get prenatal education.


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Thank-you for your reply, at your cervix. It is a challenge to make sure that everyone has a chance to receive prenatal education. We service a large population of poor families and I do not want to be unreasonable about charging for classes since the poor are often the ones who need prenatal ed the most. At the same time, it can't all be free right now. I was thinking that maybe a sliding scale based on income may work? Do you know of anyone doing that?


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Yes, our childbirth educator does offer one on one education (childbirth, breastfeeding and sibling classes). Her prices for this service are steep, but I cannot remember exact quotes. They are by advance arrangement and usually cater to families whose schedules do not allow for attending a series of classes at set times.


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our cbe's will go to pt's home if they are on bedrest and teach them the info. in several sessions for the same price as our hospital based cbe classes. approx. $50.00.


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All of the hospitals out here charge for their classes. I had my first when I was 17 and planned parenthood had a midwife that offered prenatal classes there on a sliding scale (when I wound up on bedrest for ptl before class started, she came to my house/hospital room). Not all of the planned parenthood locations out here offer childbirth classes. Check with PPH, find out if there are any nearby locations that offer classes to refer people to or if they have any referal suggestions.


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My CBE does accept medical coupons for payment, as well. I would think most do. That is something to consider.

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