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One month time I finished


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Sociology, A&P I, and Algebra! Yes, I finished that terrible Sociology course! Next up English, Business Stats and A&P II all from Straighterline.


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You're doing well. Keep up the good work!!!


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May I please ask if you are an enrolled student at Excelsior yet? I filled out admission paperwork, but have not enrolled. I wanted to wait until I had the pre reqs done first to save money. The problem is Excelsior will not tell me what's accepted until I enroll. I was also looking at Straighterline. For the LPN to RN do we need A&P 1 with or without lab and A&P 2 with or without lab? Both? I'm very frustrated. Also, did you use anything else to study or just Straighterline? Do they have a lot of practice tests that you can keep going over? I appreciate your time.