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which one is better

pandameow pandameow (New) New

which is a better school summit career college in colton or concorde career college in sanbernardino area for LVN's program? i am trying to decided which school i want to go to. plz help

i just want to know if its a good school.

which would be better option for me to choose

concorde or summit for LVN program

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

I would select the LVN program with the cheapest tuition, because the end result is going to be the exact same at all of the schools: a diploma or certificate, and an LVN license. You are embarking on this journey during a slumping economy, and with no guarantee of a job after graduation, so why accrue more student loan debt than necessary?

Good luck to you!

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care.

I actually just posted a similar response to someone else.

I attended concorde in San Bernardino back in 2004 to attain my LVN, here are my thoughts:

I wish I had known that adult schools, and ROP programs existed, most of these were MUCH cheaper than the program at Concorde.

Example: Redlands Adult school is approximately a fourth of the cost of Concorde, is only three days a week for 18 months and has a much higher pass rate of the nclex.

Look at the state board of vocational nursing for California, there is information about every accredited program in the state as well as their pass rates.

Also, out of my class, only 14 of the 32 of us who started graduated, completed the program, and of that, 13 passed boards. So investing that much money into a program many don't complete is another thing to consider.

The economy is horrible and many are having trouble finding work, that includes LVN's and RNs, I would take your time because the economy will take a while to recover, and you dont want to spend 20-some thousand dollars you can't afford to pay back when there is no job available.

OH and if they tell you they're starting a RN program soon where LVN's get 1st priority, don't believe them, they've been saying that since 2002 and I have yet to see any active interest occur.

Good luck!


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