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Hey guys. I had my interview last week on an oncology/med-surg floor. The HR interview went really well, and she sent me over to meet with the Nurse Manager of the floor. There I had a second interview with her and also got a tour of the floor from one of the nurses that work there. She discussed how the shifts work and answered the questions I had. At the end she told me there was 2 positions;one full-time and the other part-time (but I would still receive full-time hours). She said that she would most likely give me the part-time because one of the internal nurse wants that full time position so she would get first dibs. After she said she said she would give me a call next week after her last interview she said quote "Jackie* wants me to see everyone first before we discuss". So does that mean the job is mine? I know I can't depend on what the NM told me as an offer, but I really want this job and I have a good feeling about it. Sooo now I'm just waiting to hear back. It will be exactly one week tomorrow. I'm super nervous!


I also hand wrote and mailed out thank you card to both the HR lady and the NM.

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The waiting game is never easy. Hang in there !!!


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Sounds promising, but it's not yours till you're either told the job is yours or you receive a confirmation letter that it's yours.