what has changed in oncology since 92

  1. Hello. I worked oncology/BMT for 6.5 years. Left in 92 to care for my father and grandmother who both needed 24 care in hospice. CAn somone tell me what is different in that time? I would need to ask someone who has worked from 90s until now.......any thoughts?

    I accepted a position on a med/surg onc floor so thought I would toss up this thought.

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  3. by   jemb
    New drugs and better diagnostics are always being developed. Biological modifiers are being used a lot. Fewer patients are being hospitalized for chemo and surgery stays are shorter -- mastectomy patients are discharged in 24 hours with drains still in place. (Reimbursement is tougher). I am seeing much better control of side effects and more patients with central lines/ PICCs, ports, being placed for chemo. Because of the internet, many patients are more informed now of their options, etc., and have a lot more questions than they did a decade ago.
  4. by   renerian
    Thanks Jemb. I saw lots of people in the home for the mastectomies to teach them about how to empty drains. Most insurance only paid for one visit which most people do okay with, but for some it is horrible for them as they can barely look at their wound. Have you worked on oncology?

  5. by   jemb
    I've worked oncology for fifteen years plus. The first five were totally inpatient, but as the inpatient popluation became less oncology and more med-surg oriented, I began my move to outpatient, working both per diem for a few years. I've worked only outpatient for the last 3 years. Our clinic is in a large medical center and is physically connected to the hospital, so I'm able to stay in touch with the whole picture for the most part. Inpatient is often so poorly staffed (too few onc nurses for the combo ward) that some patients who could have started treatment while in-house end up coming to the clinic after thy are discharged. You are much needed!
  6. by   renerian
    Jemb so I hear on being needed. Even with just starting on the unit I will have the most oncology experience of anyone....