tattoos and lymphedema

  1. Hi all y'all. Here's the thing. I had breast cancer in 1989 and have been fine since then. The only left over is lymphedema on the mastectomy side. I really want to get a tattoo and had planned to get it on my other arm, but now I have what is either bursitis, tendonitis, or a rotator cuff problem. The ortho I'm scheduled to see would flip if I showed up with a new tattoo, but the appointment took 2 months to get (the tattoo appt...not the ortho!). any of you know the problems of getting a tattoo on an arm with lyphedema?...
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  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I wouldn't get it in the arm with the lymphedema. What if there were complications or infection? It probably wouldn't turn out to be what you envisioned. Particularly if you wind up having to keep it covered with a compression sleeve. Either get it on the other arm now and let the ortho be a little miffed or reschedule the tatoo appointment. Who cares what the ortho says? I don't see how it would affect your ROM for more than day or two. The lymphedema can subsequent exacerbations can be lifelong. Also, a few more weeks to wait to get what you really want will be worth it.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Thanks for the advice...I got my tattoo on my ankle instead and it is beautiful!