Radiatin for pain control

  1. Help, please, from all the oncology nurses. Need advice

    I've been out of oncology/home health nursing for almost 10 years. When we had a cancer patient in pain, we gave them O2 and a CADD pump with MS/Dilaudid in it.

    Now, my own dear 94 year old Dad (who in May2007 was playing 18 holes of golf every day, with a 13 handicap), was diagnosed in June with lung CA. He had laryngitis, went to the doctors, they did a CT Scan, found extensive nodes, adenopathy, non-small tumors bilaterally, (yes, he smoked..I think they all did in that generation,... and has a hx of squamous cell, tongue CA with external beam radiation 2000). The doctor advised him that the biopsy alone may kill him, that if it's what he thinks it is, it's inoperable anyway. Oh and we can throw in that they just found factor 10 deficiency, too. He IS 94, still has all of his marbles and made the decision NOT to be treated. No biopsy, no chemo, no radiation. The doctor gave him 6 months.

    So, he and my Mother have made their annual pilgrimage from Florida to Penna, for the usual 2 months to visit all the relatives. (except my family, who are in California) Dad sounds horrible, coughing, sputtering, SOB, difficulty swallowing, vocal cords are affected and he's exhausted. I contacted an oncology center in the city they are at now and had Dad get his records transfered there, figuring the unspoken word, he's going home to die, he'll get a pump and O2, but the nurse in Pa said they radiate for pain control---can anybody tell me anything about it?? (I'm flying to Pa, this Wed to go with him to the doctor for the first visit, but don't want to look stupid.)

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Here's a link with some info regarding palliative radiation:


    Best of luck to you and your family. It sounds like a tough situation.
  4. by   JailRN
    Thanks SO much--you are right on!!