question about cancer pt and immunizations...

  1. i am wondering if anyone out there can help me with a question.

    can anyone tell me (or show me some links...since i can't seem to find them) on whether or not a mother receiving radiation therapy should be exposed to her own child who needs regular immunizations? Is the concern with only live vaccines? or all vaccines?

    if anyone can point me in the right direction to find some information on this, i would appreciate it!!

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    Would you like me to move this to the Oncology Forum? You might get more responses there.
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    Quote from EricEnfermero
    Would you like me to move this to the Oncology Forum? You might get more responses there.
    sure, Eric. i posted in General since i didn't know where to post it. i figured maybe a peds nurse with experience with parents with Ca and/or oncology nurses may both go across it. maybe it's best off in oncology.

    thanks Eric!!!!
  5. by   adria37
    The concern is with live virus vaccines, vaccinia, polio and measles. Here is a source, there are better ones but it is the first I pulled up and it will give you a start
  6. by   Jolie
    I can't imagine a situation where a child's immunizations would take precedence over maternal contact!

    Live vaccines are of concern to immune-compromised patients, and need to be avoided. I am certain that it would be possible to work with the child's pediatrician to devise an alternative immunization schedule so that neither the mother's or child's health would be compromised. Some vaccines have both live and killed versions, such as polio and influenza.

    I was diagnosed with cancer when my daughter was a month old. We did not yet know the extent of my illness or whether treatment would be limited to surgery or include chemo/radiation/immune therapy. I was referred to a nurse practitoner at out local health department who was an expert in immunizations. Her recommendation was to avoid all live vaccines for the time being, which did not really affect my daughter's schedule all that much. Ultimately, my treatment was limited to surgery and we were able to revert to a 'normal' vaccination schedule.