oncology nursing and pregnancy

  1. I only have one more semester in nursing school and am very interested in going into pediatric hem/onc. However, I would like to have another baby in the next few years. Should I wait until I am done with childbearing, or is it safe to go into now?
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  3. by   missy2b
    In a bmt program that does >400 transplants a year, we have had one sick newborn (genetic problem) in 8 years, and it seems like there is always someone preggers, and most breastfeed for 8-12 months.

    There are risks everywhere--neuro/psych pts (who are everywhere) can easily scratch you or cause you to have a needle stick.

    Only you can answer this for yourself.
  4. by   Sadie04
    I'm 4 months pregnant and work in an outpatient clinic where I administer chemo every day. I'm very concious of safe handling of chemo, I always wear gloves and don't mix chemo. There have been many pregnant nurses over the years in my office and none have reported any ill effects of their children from working in this environment.
  5. by   missy2b
    Watch out for other things, too.
    In stem cell transplants, we deal with lots of active CMV and also hand out quite a bit of thalidomide (cause of limbless babies).
    Just be careful, period.
  6. by   Plucker
    Well, I didn't think it would be a problem for me but I'll share my situation

    I found out I was pregnant during the time we were requesting placement for preceptor. I want to be in peds oncology/hem. and picked to go to the outpatient oncology center. Well, I didn't get placed there, they told be it was because I was pregnant. My instructor said she had no evidence that anything would be risky but she had read some things about pregnancy and chemo and she just didn't feel safe having me there.

    It's really your call so good luck! PS I graduate this year too! Yay us:hatparty:

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