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  1. I just took my ONC test today...and Im happy that I passed...anyone planning to take the test? I would advice to obtain a copy of the Core Curriculum book...the study guide was most helpful...dont be discourage you may not get all the answers right...just keep on answering and look back to the reference book why your answers were wrong, that would guide you...the experience plus a the book made me pass

    Good Luck to everybody planning to take that test
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  3. by   GirloftheSun
    I'm planning to take the certification in April-where would I get the core curriculum book you mentioned? I can use and help I can get! Thanks!
  4. by   CriticalCareOnc
    Congratulations Plum!!!

    GirlOfTheSun you can get the book (Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing) from the ONS Website (www.ons.org) or from Barnes and Noble. The book is great as Plum said. You can also get the Study Guide for the Core curriculum also from the same sources. Good luck on your test!

  5. by   plum94
    youre are right...you can get it from
    or at time Amazon.com

    good luck in your exams...
  6. by   GirloftheSun
    Thank you plum and martinitoy--what do you think about taking a preparation class? There is a class offered near my area for 2 days $125....are these beneficial?

    I mainly work in transplant, so my scope of general oncology is limited. However, I think the patients share similar experiences when diagnosed with cancer. I'm actually having fun studying and learning about the different cancers.
  7. by   CriticalCareOnc
    GirloftheSun: I think 2 day review classes can help to a certain extent. If you are willing to pay the fee then go right ahead. I hope you can get a refund from where you work as part of you education benefit. Stick to the ONS test blueprint (that comes with your application form and available online at the ONS website). I don't think it's a disadvantage that you are working in transplant. I think it's a added benefit. Keep on learning, be curious and keep on asking questions at work. If you have a Clinical Nurse Specialist they are good resources and also the oncologists that you see on the floor. I usually pop a question to them and they are more than willing to answer. Good luck again and do let us know about the results!

  8. by   mianlica
    I studied by using the online Oncology Nursing Review at www.meniscus.com. It has questions developed by ONS. It's all I used to study. I loved it. If you register with the website they also send you free CEU activities in periodically. You'll need the oncology hours when it comes time to re-certify.
  9. by   Sassy travel on
    Hi Girlofthesun.... again as people have mentioned.... ons.org/amazon.com or even Barnes and Noble. I took the exam in 1999 and just studied the "Core Curriculum" and the study guide. I did not go to the review class as I had not heard it was much help. Give yourself plenty of time b/c the book is pretty intense. If you study just those two you will do fine as the test goes by the book. Good luck. It is sweet when you can sign "OCN" after your name, not to mention the respect having it garners. Sassy Travel On
  10. by   seeandwhy
    thanks for the meniscus.com review for the ONS. I checked it and it is a big help. I am sked to take the exam on april.
  11. by   OCNshel
    I went to the review coarse at the ONS congress last year, and between the review and the book they gave, I felt fairly well prepared.
  12. by   bethchpn
    I am new to the forum and I am taking the test Oct 15th and am very nervous. I have studyed with the Core Curriculum test book and not done as well as the meniscus test review Oncology Nursing Review.
    I try to read the Core Curriculum Book but find the outline format sooo boring to read.
    I have taken lots of practice tests and get anywhere from 70% to 80%. Do you think I have a chance of passing?
    They make it so confusing when they talk about the scoring system.
    Do you think I really need to buckle down and study that BORING book?? I sure wish it was written in a different format.
    I just read the Oncology Nursing Secrets and found it very helpful and interesting to read. I havent taken any practice tests since then. Maybe I will do better. I am 57 and been a nurse for 34 years but testing is not my strong point. Any advice??
  13. by   bonodonnaonaroll
    I'm in the same boat. I scored 75% on the free practice tests. I wonder if that is going to be enough?
  14. by   bethchpn
    Well I have studied some more and take it in 2 days. bonodonnaonaroll are you taking it soon. I wish others that have taken this would chime in. I am very nervous!!!

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