Issues facing oncology nurses

  1. Hi All, I am a senior nursing student graduating in 20 days and I am currently doing my practicum on an oncology unit. The reason for my post is that I need to do a teaching presentation for the nurses and I am having a hard time coming up with major issues facing oncology nurses. I have asked the nurses on the unit but each one states that the biggest issue they face is scheduling conflicts. My presentation has to be patient centered.

    I was going to teach about the joint commision but I feel as if that has been done over and over again. Can I please have some ideas. Thank you
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  3. by   BBQvegan
    I will soon be graduating nursing school, and beginning my career as an oncology RN. Just off the top of my head -- I would say it never hurts for these nurses to get updates on infection control tips for neutropenic patients. Also, I know I would like an in-service on antibiotics, antifungals, anti-virals. We already know a lot about them, but it is helpful to reinforce the ideas, and expand upon current knowlege. What side effects might we be seeing, but really didn't realize were SEs? What about how to help families cope with death and dying? And how to encourage patients who are tearful? Or what about pain control? That's a biggie! Many pts just never get adequate pain control. What are some non-pharm measure that might help? Are there any new resources for oncology nurses? How about educating the staff on the benefits of joining the Oncology Nursing Society and/or becoming oncology certified and how that affects patient outcomes? How about major side effects of chemo, such as the risk of later developing leukemia. And so on. There are so many important issues! :-)

    These are just some things I am throwing out there.
  4. by   LVAD RN
    Thank you so much...I had started the project on pain control so thanks a lot.
  5. by   anoldwitch
    How about the need to include the patients family in your teaching? Dietary requirements, nausea issues, problems with cold food or drinks with some chemos, timing visits to allow for rest, no fresh flowers or fruit and WHY. All of these need to be part of your patient education as well as the pain and infection issues. By including family members the burden of sharing info with the members of the family is taken off of the patient and placed on the nurse who is more able to openly discuss these issues without fear of "hurting enyones feelings".