general cancer care plan

  1. Would anyone be willing to share a general cancer care plan? Any help is greatly appreciated

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  3. by   cjohnso6
    I am looking for the same thing
  4. by   z's playa
    Don't you guys have text books?

  5. by   cjohnso6
    I appreciate it much

    Quote from z's playa
    Don't you guys have text books?

  6. by   z's playa
    Quote from cjohnso6
    I appreciate it much

    Sorry but all through my semester I had to spend days in the library researching bla bla bla for care plans..etc.. and I don't see why people come here and expect everyone to do their homework for them.

    I'm all for helping out and maybe it will be me asking for help..all I'm saying is......maybe a certain aspect of a care plan..questions pertaining TOO said care plan but to ask for the whole thing?

    You may get a lot more answers if you added that you've already tried and tried and couldn't come up with anything.

    Of course this is just me. I'm also working on something myself at the moment and I'm going out of my mind so maybe I'm a llittle sensitive today so again..sorry. There'll be someone along soon to help you I'm sure.


    PS: I went to my school online journal library to look for a cancer care plan but it seems to be down. I'll check back later.
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  7. by   leslie :-D
    think in terms of the systems and how chemo/radiation is going to affect ea.
    will there be any issues w/circulation, tissue perfusion, breathing, lab values?
    then there are the psychosocial issues of body image, family processes....knowledge deficit, fear will be biggies.
    and always put the actual nsg dx before the ones at high risk for....prioritizing.
    i've given you some solid pointers, the rest you can research.

    good luck guys.


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