enlarged lymph nodes

  1. I know we dont like to give medical advice online, Im just asking for opinions. About 6 months ago, my husband was having very severe abdominal pain. I was working and told him to come up to the ER at my hospital and I would meet him down there. I was on shift, but work with wonderful people who covered me several times that day so I could run down and get updates. They ran labs....all normal. They did a CT Scan and told us that he needed to have a repeat scan in 6 months because there were many lymph nodes that showed up, which apparently is not normal. After having contrast IV and (ahem) as they say whykiki between the cheeky contrast, he wanted to leave. He being the stubborn man he is, left the hospital instead of being admitted. (They gave him both options) They never found the cause of the pain and he was better in a few days. So fast forward 6 months, he goes to his PCP for follow up. I fax them the CT results. " Numerous but non-pathologically enlarged mesenteric, iliac and inguinal lymph nodes. Clinical signifigance is uncertain. Followup examination could be preformed to document stability and/or resolution if clinically warranted."
    So after the follow up visit runs a bunch of labs, they call me to set up his oncology consult. My husband tells me it is just "routine." I dont believe a doc does an oncology consult for "routine" rather they do it when someone has a high probability of cancer. So my questions...Have you heard of a "Routine" oncology consult and do you know of other things that may cause the ct results other than a lymphoma?
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  3. by   renerian
    An oncologist saw me when I had a severe case of mono with organomegaly.

    An oncologist saw my 4 year old dtr when she got mono and strep and was hospitalized.

    An ocologist saw my dtr again at the age of 21 when she became gravely ill and was diagnosed with toxic shock.

    Don't give up hope.

  4. by   leslie :-D
    hi stacey,

    i feel confident they call it routine is because they just want to rule out ca first...and after that they will pursue other etiologies.

    wishing you peace,