Dad's bladder cancer, again!

  1. Just thought I'd let you all know that my dad came home last Saturday and is doing well. He got a major rash from the Levaquin he was on, but it wasn't yeast, just major irritation. They treated it with Neosporin and he's much better. He's had some trouble with his bowel this week, but the cancer thing is looking good!
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  3. by   renerian
    So glad to hear he is doing better Jill.....................

    hugs to you and your him......I lost my dad to cancer 7 years ago and my mom to that flesh eating bacterial disease........miss them terribly.................and I am only 45 was not prepared to be without them

  4. by   ntigrad
    So sorry to hear about your loss, renerian. That's one hard thing about being a nurse...we have all htis medical training and can't do a thing to help the ones we love. Thanks you so much for your sentiment. I do love my daddy dearly. I am allot like him and that's cool! he's a kick in the pants to be around so I hope people enjoy me that way too. He has been a cardiac patient for about 20 years now; started when I was in high school. Has had CABGs two different times and one or two episodes that he recovered from with meds. Have almost lost him a few times due to that, so this cancer thing was a big surprise. But, I digress...
    thanks again! Have a good weekend!