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Are there any nurses in this area who would like to make a new nurse friend? I just wondered........ renerian... Read More

  1. by   CANRN
    HEY! I just bought a Blazer..I'll be there! :chuckle Anyone in NW Ohio who wants a ride, let me know.

    Cindy (Debbie will be there as well,)
  2. by   renerian
    I am going to let everyone know if the get together is cancelled or not by Friday. Looks like an ice storm is coming our way.

    Keep in touch by email

  3. by   CANRN
    Ewwww ICE! Glad I'm off this weekend, sounds like a good weekend to stay in and curled up on the sofa...with a good book or a good man or........__________fill in the blank.

    Well, I've already PM'd Susan, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

    If the ice doesn't keep you all from it, I hope you all have a great time!

  5. by   renerian
    Ladies I am so sorry. I need to cancel this for two reasons. One and foremost is my new job requires me to be in Minnesota on Monday moring at 8a. The flights on Sunday are limited plus I did not book it my new job did so I will be gone Sunday when I am supposed to meet everyone. I also thought I should cancel as sometime between Friday and Sunday we are supposed to get our first snow/ice weather. I did not think it would be safe for people to be driving all over the state in this. Please keep the directions and name of the resturant and we will set something up in the spring after the weather breaks. I sent everyone whose email addy I had a note to explain this. Please accept my utmost apology.

  6. by   renerian
    Your emails are bouncing back so I hope you check this thread......

  7. by   CANRN
    Susan, I got my mail and totally understand. I think it's a good idea, sounds like our weekend weather-wise is not going to be good. The next few months are going to be busy for all of us with the holidays fast approaching. Spring sounds good, or maybe when the good ole January thaw hits.

    Please have a safe flight, I hope your orientatioin goes well!

  8. by   renerian
    Thanks for posting to me so I know you got the message. Thanks for wishing me well. I am excited! For the first time in my nursing career I have no nights, weekends, holidays or on call! I won't know what to do!

  9. by   renerian
    So far I have only heard from 3 people that they know tomarrow's get together is cancelled due to my leaving on a flight to Minnesota for my new job. Please if you see this post you are aware.

    I have heard from


  10. by   CraftyLPN
    I live about an hour away!!
  11. by   renerian
    When we try this again in the spring after the winter weather is done watch the board and you can respond and come!!!!!

  12. by   renerian
    I have only heard from three people to ensure they got the message the get together was cancelled as I am leaving on a flight for business today. I hope no one goes there.......