colon/rectal CA and now bladder CA too

  1. Help .... if anyone has some info,, I would appreciate some help.

    My FIL had colon/rectal CA 4 yrs ago. Had a colostomy at that time. One yr ago had some prostate CA and had a TURP and then an orchidectomy. Now he just was dx with bladder CA (primary colon) and just had an 8 hr surgery done last Friday. He had an ileoconduit performed and the bladder removed. The surgeon moved his colostomy to the other side of his abdomen and there is only one stoma for both bowel and kidney function.

    My question is: How does this arrangement keep bacteria such as e-coli from infecting the kidneys? He currently has two stents coming out of the stoma site. The discharge is brownish liquid and smells of stool. We will not see the operating surgeon until possibly Wednesday, and this is driving me and SIL crazy. (And MIL....we are all 3 nurses.)

    Also, we are all aangry b/c the surgeon did not come out to see us after the operation was over.......we have numerous questions, and we don't even know if they got "all the CA" out or not. One resident saidd yes and one said no.

    PLEASE: If anyone has any help, please reply. I have searched the WEB but can't find help for my q's. Please ignore my typos....I am using the hospital's 'puter, and the keyboard is awful.


    (BTW: He came thro the surgeery itself wonderfully)
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  3. by   renerian
    I have not heard of the two coming out into one. I know the clients I have had with ileos got infected alot. I am anxious to see if other nurses can respond to this. I would be upset at the surgeon too for not coming out. Did he think the resident was going to do this for him?

  4. by   RNonsense
    I have never heard of the two coming out from one stoma either. Sorry. Keep us posted, ok?
  5. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Thanks for the replys. He is still doing well. I think the stoma site is a "double barrel", but I still have the same concerns about infection. The nurses told us he was only one of 17 cases like his. ( This year? Ever? ) I have not gotten any more info yet. I talked to my facility's ostomy specialist and SHE did not know what I was talking about. <sigh>

    I will keep you all posted. Keep the prayers flowing. We have gotten conflicting answers about the success of the resident said they got all the CA & one said they didn't but that they thought the tx would take care of it...but no one has talked to us about WHAT tx!!!

    Thanks for the care & prayers.