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I will be taking the ONC Monday. Just wondering how many questions are on the test and does it have a time frame?

I just took mine Saturday there are 165 questions and there was a time limit but I can't remember exactly what that was, but it gives you an ample amount of time. It wasn't that bad of a test just very very very long!!!

I took my OCN exam about a week ago...3 hour time limit...and I finished in about 2 hours. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


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I've worked in chemotherapy for three years now. Took the OCN exam twice. Failed it twice. Is that a sign to surrender? Done the one-day live review, ONS university review, Meniscus disk before it died, core curriculum pages are falling apart. Oh yeah, Jones and Bartlett's Oncology nurse review.

Any honest helpful ideas? Thanks

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mizj.... DON'T GIVE UP! I passed on my 3rd time, my heart was pounding and my palms were sweating when it was time to hit that official "done' button at the end the 3rd time. I asked for a "private" room to take the test in so I wouldn't have any distractions and I think it helped. Good luck!


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Heard ONS University was maybe not the best study for ONC certification.

What was your best study tool?


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I used the review book from ONS that has sample questions covering each section. It's not the Core Curriculum, it's the other review book they offer. I can't remember the title off the top of my head, but if you go to http://www.ons.org you can find it there.


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ONS Core curriculum was the most true to the test, I thought. The one I studied with is dk green. Review a section, take notes, and then do the questions for that section. My best advice!

I took it twice and passed on the second try. Oncology Nursing by Otto was a good resource. Be very careful and read the rules about taking the test. ONCC is very strict about candidates asking others who have tested about test content. They consider this to be a form of cheating and this won't be tolerated. Good luck and keep trying. It is a very tough exam to pass.

Well lbutler, How did you do?

By asking fellow oncology nurses what study guides they used for preparation is that truly cheating? when I attended IOL last november, the oncc representative circle multiple books on the blue printe as suggested material. Was she helping me cheat? I think it is far to tell someone the best material to use to prepare for the test then it is up to the individual.