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I was recently told about an online school/program called straighter line. If anyone has taken courses through them can you please shesd some light on the expense, transferable credits, accreditation , etc.

Thank you

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Some nursing pre reqs require labs. No option. Most require a Chemistry class and lab (Often two). A&P I and II always require a lab. You will have to check with schools as far as transferring. Don't pay them money until you are SURE something transfers. Usually these "get rich quick"deals are ripoffs and non transferable. If someone on here says "yes they transfer" it doesn't matter anyway. You need to do the work to find out for yourself. They are not going to reimburse your money because someone on a nursing forum told you something. Good luck!

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I wouldn't take a strangers word on Allnurses with something like this. Contact the school you are looking to transfer the class to and ask them.


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If you are going to do online pre-reqs- ensure your college takes them-- and then use an accredited established school-- some community colleges offer them-- NVCC in Virginia (which had its own nursing program, has them), UNE, etc- stay away from the University of Phoenix and Kaplan type schools..

NVCC has them online but they are kind of hybrids-- you may have to go to the campus for the labs over the course of two weekends.. UNE labs are online-- but they are true labs-- you have to order the kits, etc... And do the experiments at your house...

Also-- these classes are harder..

Johns Hopkins also has some of their science pre-reqs online too--