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... and as most of the time on here I am venting/whining I thought I would share!

Firstly I haven't forgot as much as I feared,and second I even managed to do some rescue breathes for little annie, before breathing became an issue for me :)

It was fab!

and on the break we were shown how to intubate,so that we can tell if an SHO/JHO is doing it wrong, I got to have a go. I know that it is not necessary because even if I qualify and pass an ALS course nurses in this trust don't intubate.

BUT I am on such a buzz, the first two attempts I managed to intubate the stomach! but the third time I managed to get the tube in the right place.

I have new respect for all people who intubate on a daily basis!



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well done whisper.............. I have my ALS and have never ever used it... is now a good time to tell you that in 25yrs as a nurse I have never seen an arrest?? used to be the standing joke when i worked in cas that the moment I stepped foot out of cas.. there would be 5 arrests!! never seen one yet....still, got a few more years to work yet!!



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I got laughed attoday because I said my usual role in arrests was to go for the trolley or go and look after the other patients.

The question posed was," thats fine, but what happens when you are the staff nurse in 6 months?"

Lecturer really knew how to break our mood! I never want to see an arrest

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