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I attended my first micro class last night. I don't think it is that difficult, but it will be time-consuming. My professor, on the first night of class, she handed out 112 definitions and had us perform 3 labs. On Wednesday, our 2nd class, we will have a "quiz" over these definitions and labs, plus turn in the 3 lab reports. :eek:

Any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks! :confused:

In my more demanding classes, I take a tape recorder with me and record the lecture. I then play and replay it throughout the week while stuck in traffic. I have almost an hour-long drive each way, so it's a painless way to drill the information into my brain. It doesn't require any extra time, and when I do my "real" studying, it helps me to recall the information more easily. The repitition is very boring, but I find it really pays off in the long run.

I feel for ya! My anatomy this summer isn't quite that bad, but it's pretty close I think. The summer sessions are only 6 weeks long, so they try to cram in as much as they can. My advice is to try not to get behind. Read ahead of the lecture so that you have a better understanding of what is being taught. I also got some great advice a few days ago concerning priorities. Cutting some of the busy work out of your personal life will definitely free up some time for extra school work. I like the idea of bringing a tape recorder into class, however, our teacher won't let us do that. Hopeully, you'll have better luck! Keep us updated! I'm taking micro fall semester and I can't exactly say I'm looking forward to it. Good luck!

rn2bmoni, Try to do the best you can do and study hard. This microbiology teacher is good in a way because she is preparing you for nursing school. Nursing school will be intense like that at least at my nursing school it is. IT can be done and it has been done by thousands of others my suggestion is to review and make flash cards. If you are waiting the flash cards are so easy and light to carry around you can pull those cards out and review I took the cards everywhere with me from going to appointments, to resturants I knew would have a good wait, and grocery stores when the only day I could go to the store would be the most crowed day where you would have to wait in lines for a long time.



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What I found helped was to really understand the whole process of each organism you are studying at the time. It does you no good at all just to memorize. I would start a chapter and read it until I thoroughly understood what I was reading. When I found myself reading away and totally lost....I would go back to were I last understood what the heck was happening and continued until I got it. It was a slow process, but it helped in the end when exams came. Good Luck. :D


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Micro was not my subject. My professor was the head of the local Department of Health and it was like taking a latin class. I'm telling you it was just long. I taped the lecture and had to go over the stuff each day. Index cards really help. But I only got a "C" because I just was not interested. I learned alot but now I'm a germ freak. I used to "Kiss It Up to God". Now throw away or scrub anything that has touched the floor.


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I don't know why, but making charts seems to help me.

I made a chart with the families of the different microorganisms according to gram stain, acid-fast, etc.

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