OLOL accelerated nursing pharm notes

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Just wondering if there are any older OLOL accelerated nursing students out there who still have the pharm notes and would be willing to share with the students following in your footsteps! Thanks!

Is there anyone out there from previous classes willing to share your experiences? I am beginning the accelerated program this fall.

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give me your email addresses, a previous student forwarded me the pharm ppts for the first 2 lectures. I would be happy to pass them along

Great I would love the notes! I will send you a private message today with my email address.

Have you started class? If so, how is it going so far?

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Yes, school started monday, so this week is basically a transition course to prepare us for accelerated nursing. So far I like it and i'm trying to get organized and remain optimistic. I'm pretty sure you have to have at least 15 posts before you can send personal messages... just FYI

Great so only 4 more to go.

Have they given you a tentative weekly schedule? Or let you know how soon your tests will be?

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We have everything scheduled until the end of september... this week is transitions...all of sept is pharm. First test is sept 6

godlovesRNs, whenever you get enough posts to send private messages, send me one. I just finished the accelerated OLOL program at EJGH. I can answer some of your questions about the program if you'd like.


thanks fumanchuesday for the notes! i will read through them and use them as a guide to start preparing myself.


Did you get my private message? I finally got enough posts to send you one.

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