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Hi everyone I need some help. I went to a community college and got my ADN in Dec. 2012. I passed my boards in March of 2013 and had re-enrolled in college for my BSN in January of 2013. I was able to get scholarships and aid so that my school was free for my BSN degree because of high grades. I graduated from the BSN program in May of 2014. I however haven't worked as a nurse since getting my license due to wanting to keep my grades up so that my scholarships would remain in place. I think however I made a HUGE mistake it is now JULY of 2014 and I can't seem to get a nursing job. I don't know what I should do. Although I graduated with a 4.0 from my schools I can't catch a break and get a job. I have applied for anything and everything in my area as far as 2 hours away from my area. What should I do?? I am starting to get really bummed out...

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Average time to land a new grad position is six months to one year. Too soon to get bummed.

lots of threads on this already. Apply everywhere, not just hospitals. Rehab, LTC, home health, etcetc.

Keep trying and reapply. Don't give up. Try a flu clinic, dialysis, ltc, nursing home, home health, and etc.

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Basic truth. If there are no jobs in your area for which you are qualified, you have to either go where those jobs are or do something else to stay afloat until some Nursing Jobs open up.

I am in the same situation. Got my ADN in 2012, and graduated RN to BSN this past May 2014. No job yet, applied to 7 places, had 3 interviews (i'm sure in this ratio -- the problem is now ME and the way I interview because I suck at talking about myself). This job market is very discouraging. Make sure every day you are working on something to improve your RN resume/portfolio. Keep adding new things....volunteer, new organizations, new certifications, more letter of recommendations. Make sure you network every where you go and to anyone you meet. Keep in touch with old classmates and professors and references --they can end up leads. Do all that you can to beef up the resume. I also stopped looking for acute care setting Nursing Jobs.....20% acute search..but mainly 80% outpatient settings: clinics, LTC, SNF. Practice your interview q's. Stay fresh on RN notes since it's been a while for those behavioral q's they will ask. Most importantly --Do NOT give up. Yesterday I wanted to just give up and cry. Especially when ppl are telling you that there are many rn job postings and to get a job already. ---> Like I'm being lazy and not trying hard enough. Excuse me! They don't understand that all those many postings require that 1 or 2 yrs of paid experience. Ignore them. They aren't in the medical field. Bite your lip and smile. Stay away from those ppl for now....

yes the above post is also a huge consideration....we must go to where jobs are. I just wish it didn't take so darn long to get my out of state rn license. 90 days will be to late....but I guess its something to get going in the process of all this .....

what type of places have you tried? did you get any interviews? ---and if so, what q's did they ask you? We can learn from each others mistakes. Please share.