32 to old? If not, how to get there. Advice please

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If I may ask you fine nurses and nursing students an advice. I do not have a degree, I have researched and researched the best way to accomplish my goal. I do not have any pre-recs completed. Do I have to get those pre-rec completed before I get in to a BSN course? Lets say at West Virginia State University? Do I need to go to a community college first? Like KVCTC? Thank you in advance.

I am a little confused by your post. I am not sure what you are considering a "BSN course."

First off you need to decided what type of degree you want an ADN or BSN. Second you need to find what colleges in your area that you would like to attend. Then you need to see what that school's requirements are in able to actually apply to their nursing program. Look at what pre-reqs you need to take, if their is an entrance exam, or maybe an essay that you will need to send. Each program has its own requirements. Some colleges you a lottery system, point system, or a waiting list. It is important to get the highest grades possible since many programs look at your GPA. And, not all colleges require the same classes (usually similar).

Since you suggested West Virginia State University you have two options. First option is to do all your classes at West Virginia State University. Second option is to take your pre-reqs at the community college and then apply to West Virginia State University when you have met all the requirements. The choice is really up to you. Many people go to community college first simply because its cheaper than going to a state university. One thing to look at is cost comparison and to see if all the classes you take there will transfer over to West Virginia State University.

Each schools requirements will be posted on their website. Pre-reqs MUST be compete before you can be accepted into a nursing school program. If it is a co-req then those classes can be taken while you are in nursing school but I wouldn't recommend it unless its necessary. Hope that helps!

Another this 32 is not too old! There are nursing students of all ages. Its never too late to start!

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