1. Hi. Making a move to OKC area....and trying to figure out which area we should move to. Have it narrowed down to Yukon, Bethany, or Mustang. Looking for a smaller school system. Daughter will be in 9th grade next year and would like to be in school system that is not overwhelmingly big... (currently attends Jenks School by tulsa).
    Also need good job market w/ LPN positions near by, cheaper housing, and safe! Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
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  3. by   OklaLPN
    Probably the smaller of the three schools would be Bethany. Maybe about the size of Sand Springs. Yukon and Mustang are about the same size as Jenks. Are you looking for a hospital or another type of facility? Could give you some areas to apply. What type of facility are you working now?

  4. by   tigereyespeters
    OMG, I totally disagree.
    Hope this has caught you before you made transition.
    Bethany schools feeds into very big high schools but Yukon and Mustang are way more "small town" feel. Yukon high school is wonderful. I've heard amazing things about Mustang, but my daughter attends Yukon High School as a 9th grader. We moved from MWC when she was in 2nd grade. I have two younger sons and we just love the Yukon school district. They are not cash poor and have new technology in the classroom. They provide great opportunities not just in traditional roles, but also in leadership and creativity.

    Please go visit each of the schools to the best of your ability before you decide. There is a huge difference. Look at the different opportunities available as far as alternate classes. If your kid is really into art-- look into that. Same to be said for sports, science, labs, photography, drama, etc.
  5. by   threelittlerocs
    I know this wasn't in your list you narrowed it down to, but we just moved to Piedmont, which is just a few miles north of Yukon. I grew up in Putnam City Schools, which was great while I was attending, but I wanted a better school district for my kids. Piedmont has excellent schools. To be in Piedmont school district, there are neighborhoods that are actually in NW Oklahoma City that send their kids to Piedmont. My brother's kids are in Bethany Schools, and they seem to like it, but I haven't really heard much about the education.
  6. by   toadfrog
    Thanks everyone for all your info., really appreciate it.