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  1. I just moved to Tulsa from Houston so i'm not familiar on their programs. I was just going to try to jump into an RN program but everything that i have looked into suggests that you have your LPN first.

    Has anyone heard anything about the LPN program at Tulsa Tech?? good or bad?? I just want to make sure i'm not wasting my time looking into or getting into heir program.

    I'm planning to go all the way to get the BSN after my RN, So i'm not sure what the best route is.

    any advice?? thanks.
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  3. by   2bRnKim
    Hi! You don't have to be a LPN to attend RN school. If you choose that route, that's fine- but just thought I'd let you know. There are several programs in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area that you can apply- however you have to complete your pre-reqs first. I am currently in my third of four semesters of a BSN program here in Tulsa. It takes four years to complete a BSN- two years pre-reqs and two of nursing classes. If you want to do your associates in nursing- you could do it in about two and then fast track the rest later. It's up to you and what your situation is right now. Hope this helps.

  4. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    Im not familar with the actual nursing program, but I did take some medical classes there and I really liked it. I had Mrs Merchant and she was a good teacher so any of the A & P or Med Term you take, try to get her.