Stethoscope, Shoes, Scrubs

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase these items at an affordable price in okc? I live on the east side of town. The shoes have to be non canvas all black or white and the scrubs are galaxy blue.
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  3. by   sarrra23 ! Lots of things that are listed with a reasonable price!

  4. by   Hoping2BeANurse
    Thanks Sara!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I agree. Since is based just one state over in Missouri, the shipping will be quick and reasonable. Their prices are good and the selection is rather wide.
  6. by   outriton
    There's a scrubs store at the outlet mall that sells competitively priced stethoscopes.
  7. by   jetfan
    Amazon sells scrubs, etc. I've bought a lot of scrubs from them and they have various price ranges.
  8. by   Hoping2BeANurse
    Does anyone know if I can get the stethoscope from a pharmacy like cvs or walgreens? Or maybe even walmart? I'm trying to avoid ordering online because classes start next week
  9. by   molls4
    Amazon prime offers a free student trial- that translates into free two day shipping. All you need is a .edu email address. Their two day shipping has always been reliable for me.
  10. by   armywife808
    Have you considered going to a thrift store for scrubs? You may get luckyimageuploadedbyallnurses1406589433-976101-jpg I found this book today for $1. Do a quick check of craigslist for stethoscope