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Hey all! Was just wondering if anyone else out there is starting RSU's nursing program this Fall... I am and I am soo excited! I would love to meet others who are starting with me.... Looking... Read More

  1. by   Samantha79
    Just those 3 books alone weigh 14lbs... not including notebooks, folders, powerpoints, etc. I currently have a sholder bag and seriously doubt those would even fit in it... let alone be comfortable to carry... I know we don't need them all at the sametime... and have thought about just leaving what I'm not using in the trunk and run back and forth between classes to get what I need. I'm guessing we are all going to have some serious arm muscles built up very soon.

    Just for giggles I'm going to weigh all the books... wow... 53lbs.
  2. by   chicaner
    so how is the first week going everybody? nobody too stressed right now, right? besides the worry of how to get all of your books out of the bookstore and into your car without injuring yourselves? lol I guess that would be a reason they want you to be ablet to lift up to 50lbs? heheheh I am so looking forward to getting into the program next year.

    Did you all have to take a wrat test to get into RSU's program? I've heard of the TEAS test, but never heard of a wrat one. is it like a mat-6?
  3. by   aholland311
    Getting ready to go to bed... Can't believe it starts tomorrow!!! Hope my nerves can let me sleep tonight... Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  4. by   Samantha79
    Nope, no test to get in. I think we are taking the TEAS (ATI) in a week or so though.

    See you guys tomorrow!
  5. by   iwillact
    Soooooo...what do ya all think about RSU so far???
  6. by   Samantha79
    All the nursing instructors seem really nice and caring. It was an information overload. The schedule is complicated, especially trying to figure out childcare. Can I just say that room 135 makes me want to stick a hot fork in my eye... white walls, whate table tops, with a white paper for taking notes gave me a MASSIVE headache yesterday. I want to volunteer to paint that room anything but white. And I feel like bringing a colored placemat to put under my notebook so I'm not staring at white on white all day.

    Pharmacology seems like it's going to bite. The instructor seems like she doesn't want to be there and doesn't even like her profession.

    I'll be happy when we get into a more "normal" routine.

    How about the rest of you guys?
  7. by   iwillact
    pharmacology takes lots of studying good luck