Rose state college nursing application for spring 2017

  1. Does anyone know what the point cutoff was for the fall of 2016 nursing program? I submitted my application for spring of 2017 with 131 points and I'm hoping I make it. Anyone else out there submit an application for spring 2017 or apply fall 2016?
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  3. by   NADM
    Any Rose state nursing applicants?
  4. by   Nurse2bOK
    I applied for Spring 2017 Career Ladder. I looked on some posts on here that says the cutoff has been 115 in a recent previous semester for Beginning Track. I can't find out as much about Career Ladder though. A girl in my class said she got in last semester for Career Ladder with 75 points. How many preference points did you guys have? I had 81 for Career Ladder.
  5. by   NADM
    I applied for beginning track with 131 points...I hope that's right. I think I saw the same posts you saw. Sounds like you should be good for career track. The waiting is brutal. I'm hoping to get some more people to join us so we can keep one another informed.
    Good luck..keep me posted.
  6. by   Oldboy123
    I applied for the beginning tract and I called the health Science department last week and was told that, those who didn't meet up the minimum points will receive letters earlier this month and by the end of month people will start receiving letters. She also said before thanks giving every body must have received a letter. The wait is too long. Counting down every hour of the day.
  7. by   NADM
    Great, thanks for the information. I hope none of us get that little envelope in the mail, only the big packet in November. You're not kidding, the wait and not knowing is hard. Lets keep each other updated on any info and try to get through this...ha!
  8. by   Oldboy123
    With 131 point you will probably get in. I heard the cut off was around 116 and anything above 120 is a sure in. I know it's hard to have 100% confidence until you get the letter but trust me u will sure get the big envelop.
  9. by   NADM
    Hope so but it is hard. I will do my best to be patient.
  10. by   NADM
    Still no word.... I'm hopeful. No denial as of today.
  11. by   NADM
    I called the nursing science department today to ask if I could get a status on my application. She said all the letters were sent out if applicant was too low on GPA, compass scores, and total application points.
    She said to be patienthe because they were trying to get through all of them as quick as possible.
  12. by   Oldboy123
    Thanks for the update. I pray thet send out everything in two weeks from now. It's been a long wait and I can't stop thinking about it.
  13. by   T_Nicole
    Hi all, I also applied for the beginning tract program for the spring. I had 123 points and have not received a letter yet. This waiting is driving me crazy !!!
  14. by   NADM
    I wish we could get an answer and then get the mail. I think this is a good sign for us but I'm afraid to get my hopes up.
    I'm guessing by the information given when I called that people should've started getting their denial letters, if not completed.
    Good job on the 123 points!