Question for those familiar with the OCCC nursing program.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was planning on applying for the Spring 2014 semester, and an currently looking at getting things prepared to finalize enrollment for this summer and fall semester.
    My biggest concern at this time is whether or not to commit to a summer class? I would be taking Microbiology (three nights a week from 5:30-9:50pm)

    A bit of background: Although I am handling things well right now, and have my daughter full time (obviously) over the summer I will have my daughter, plus my THREE stepchildren, and a 2 year old boy (best friend's son that I have already commited to watching through the end of summer) I honestly really enjoy school in general! But I don't want to risk getting burnt out before I even get a chance to start nursing classes!

    I've talked to my husband and other family, and they suggest that I take the summer off. However it's particularly stressful because of what it could mean. By not taking that particular class over the summer, I would lose the last science course pref. point. And if I made an A, it would bump my GPA to a 3.50 (which means I would lose the oppurtunity to earn that additional pref. point as well!) So it could make all the difference. I still need to take the TEAS - which I plan to do over the summer.

    Hypothetically, I perform well on the TEAS (which I am sure I will -- I generally perform very well on standardized testing) I would be applying with 15 PP and 3.44 GPA. --or-- 17 PP 3.50 GPA. Obviously it could make a HUGE difference.

    So what I would like to ask you -- if I decide on taking the summer class, is there anything that you could offer that would help me succeed?

    If I don't take the class, I will still apply, but doubting that I get it.

    If I applied for the Fall 2014, I understand that they are day classes. Is it possible to take the first semester in the day classes, and then start night classes the following spring?

    Sorry if this is all over the place, I am just trying to take all the pros and cons.
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  3. by   snb1028
    I am an OCCC student who has recently applied for the nursing program starting this fall. I highly recommend taking the summer course, as having 15 points will most likely not get you into the program. 17 gives you a much better chance. I am not 100% sure, however I am almost certain that you cannot start with day classes (Fall) for one semester, and then switch to evening classes. This is something I would check with the nursing school advisor on.

    I don't know if you have very many options for the microbiology professor, however I am currently in microbiology, and the professor whose last name rhymes with Reading, is fantastic. I would highly recommend her.

    Hope any of that helps!
  4. by   ADB567
    Hi Megan,

    I've also applied for the fall semester at OCCC. I'm finishing up the last of my prerequisites right now. I would advise you to go for it, as far as taking micro is concerned. Nursing school requires way more studying and time away from home, so that could be a good way to ease back into school, and for your family to get used to your new responsibilities.

    Have you taken pharmacology, overview of nursing and medical terminology already? What about the other prerequisites?

    If you are taking micro just to get the 3rd science preference point, you might consider (as a quick and easier alternative) taking general biology during the May or August intercession. It is all online and lasts two weeks. I have friends who took it for that very reason.

    I agree with what snb said about the class schedules. If you start in the spring you will have evening classes the entire program. I've heard people in the spring program say that they chose morning clinical slots, though.

    15 points is a long-shot. 17 points with a 3.5 would make you a shoe-in for the spring program.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   MeganOKC
    A Big thanks to the both of you!
    I decided to go for it, and enrolled in the summer micro class.
    I have already taken Pharmacology, Overview and Med Term. The only remaining classes I have (with exception to the Nursing Processes) Is English Comp 2 and both A&P's.
    The biggest reason for choosing Micro over the summer is because it is 5 credits, which is enough to bump my GPA.
    snb- I did search for professor you recommended, but she was not available I appreciate the help though!