Question for newly accepted nursing students about CPR class??

  1. I'm curious what other students are doing for the CPR class....are you going to do the didactic portion at home and just go to do the hands on or do it all on location? I would rather do what I can from home but on the AHA website, I was a little lost. We just need to take the BLS portion correct? I guess I just need to make sure I'm looking at the right info.
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  3. by   ballen3118
    I did mine awhile back at the YMCA for the AED/ CPR which is approved by the AHA. It was 4 hours, and the test was 20 questions afterwords. I had to take it for a cna class, so I would assume it would be legit. The license is good for 2 years. Hows everything coming along with your to do list? Ive been doing some reading on the forum, and I am thinking about buying some books to prepare for how to study for nursing school. I have like no idea what nursing school will be like, except from what I have read on the forum!!!
  4. by   Angsturdy
    Things are going good with the to-do list. I got my immunizations done today and got my scrubs too. I also got the extended background check done. Just figuring out the CPR thing. I guess I will do it online. I'm sure your CPR class you took will be fine. Good thing you already took that class, just one less thing you have to do!
    My girlfriend, who is currently in her first semester, emailed me a list of books....and they are expensive. I can forward you the info if you would like it. She has also saved everything they have done in class so far, so I have lots of info. She has told me all the things we will be learning is very straight forward and she loves it. It's not like all the prereq science classes we have taken.
    Are you starting to get things done? Lots to do! I looked at stethescopes yesterday at the mall. You may know of a good place to get them, if so I'd love to know where to go. Good luck to you getting stuff done.
  5. by   ballen3118
    All I have left now is just getting my shots this coming Monday, and buying the scrubs. I got my stethoscope and blood pressure kit at the metro tech where I took my CNA class. Thats awesome that you and your gf are going through nursing school togethor. I bet that really helps you to keep on track, and someone to share your interest with. I will take any info you can share, that would help me immensely!!! Im so curious to know about the program. Thats a plus that the information will be easier to digest, and not be abstract like the concepts in the prereqs. Is there any way we could chat in private, I got alot of questions to ask! lol
  6. by   Angsturdy
    Sure thing. Not sure how to chat in private though. I can email you the info too.
  7. by   ballen3118
    Ok, that sounds great. I got to figure out how to send you messages on here, and I will send you my e-mail.