Pre-Reqs Anyone?

  1. I just got done taking a math class and Sociology this summer. Anyone else doing there prerequisites? I am at Redlands Community College, my fall classes are:
    1. Medical Terminology
    2. Elems Psych
    3. English 1
    4. US History
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  3. by   Victory2013
    Finishing up my Pre-reqs at Tulsa Community College, looking to apply to RSU and TCC next fall. Good Luck!
  4. by   Tricia76
    Lucky you! I wish I was done with mine and thanks..Good luck to you also.
  5. by   Tricia76
    Oh wait how many more classes do you have? I thought you said you were almost done.
  6. by   Victory2013
    I have 8 classes left. CNA class, A&P, Dosage Calc, humanites I&II, Chemistry, and Micro. I only carry 2 classes a semester while working full time, but this year I'm taking on more to get it done. Lets hope it doesn't burn me in the end :/
  7. by   Tricia76
    Oh my..yeah good luck! I don't have to do CNA..but I have a butt load to go LOL!
  8. by   Victory2013
    TCC requires it, RSU doesn't. But TCC doesn't require the dosage calc and RSU does lol

    It will go by quickly, don't overload and stress yourself out and you'll find the classes dwindling down.
  9. by   Tricia76
    Yeah I can't wait for the end of it..I still can't believe I'm doing it. But its what I want so I'm going for it. I want to be in L&D or NICU but I'm leaving it open because I may like another area.
  10. by   Victory2013
    I have my heart set on ER, which is where I am working now as a phlebotomist. I was accepted to LPN school a year or so ago and had to turn it down because I couldn't afford to go. No matter what I am going to do my RN. I've even decided if RSU takes me I will stay in a dorm to help pay for my schooling. (I will certainly feel silly, but hey I gotta do what I gotta do)
  11. by   Tricia76
    Yeah whatever it takes.Why would you feel silly?
  12. by   Victory2013
    I'll be 30 this year......
  13. by   Tricia76
    Heck thats nothing...But hey I wouldn't care what others thought..just do what you gotta do. I'm 35 but I don't have to be in a dorm..but if I needed to I would.