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Hello I'm a new grad and I've just been hired by OU Medical Center. With the big move fast approaching I still have so many unanswered questioned that I should have probably already researched... Read More

  1. by   Kgibson089
    I actually find the cost of living very cheap here especially if you learn how to budget things. I have a 2 bed 2 bath 2 car garage duplex along with a fenced backyard for $700/mo. It's in a great part of town. My utilities are always decent because I've learned to keep the house a little warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter along with turning off all lights and unplugging things. I have cox tv/Internet, cell phone bill, insurance (car and renters) food, gas and a few other random monthly bills and my monthly total is usually only about $1400. Also remember that the base pay starts at $19... If your working weekends or noc then you get that added shift diff which in some cases can add up to $8/hr. Good luck.
  2. by   MeganMarie
    I am so glad I found this post, I am flying out to interview next week, I am a new grad nurse from Washington State, if I do get hired that is a LONG way from home and I would love to network to make some new nursing friends! Anyone know anything about the Cardiac program there? I am so very excited this would be my dream position.
  3. by   Groovychick718
    Hey Meganmarie! I actually interviewed for this position in December...OKC seems liks a very unique place, when I say unique I mean very different lol..The mgt for cardiac were very nice, so just be yourself!
  4. by   IftheShoeFits
    This post has been very helpful! I too will be moving to OK from NY in the spring/ summer this year. Kind of excited to see a different pace from the northeast here.

    I am assuming the cost of living will be much lower as well have less taxes. Now I have no idea how many taxes they will take from my paycheck, but I know it will be nowhere near the amount taken out in NY. And no inspections?! That is, well, a relief, since I always forget to get my car inspected.

    Goodluck to all those moving to the midwest!
  5. by   MeganMarie
    Are you taking the job Groovychick? I wish I could message you personally to chat more about this, my interview went well.
  6. by   dottimur
    Welcome to all the people moving to Oklahoma. My name is Dotti I live and work in the Tulsa area. This is a great place to meet and network.
  7. by   Groovychick718
    Awesome MeganMarie. Yes I'm definitely going for it. Just neck deep in paperwork right now. I'm trying to get my license endorsed and figure out where to live, and how I'm going to get around haha. I'm actually going over there the end of this month to have my health screening.
  8. by   MeganMarie
    Hey I took the job too! How crazy so you are a Cardiac Resident then? As am I! I need to fly out in the next few weekends to look for a place as well.
  9. by   Groovychick718
    Yes m'am! I'll be on nights. Yayyy, I know one person now . Well I'll be going out there next week to look for places also, I'll def keep you posted
  10. by   Groovychick718
    Okay T minus one month til Okc and STILL no real prospects for amd apartment...anywhere even kind of affordable with my salary has a waitlist... These apartments are ridic expensive, and this is coming from someone who lives in NYC..A nurse should be able to afford a safe 1 bedroom apartment this is insane..
  11. by   OKNurse2be
    Where are you looking for apartments? Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    Check out the Willow Cliff apartments. During my time there, the commute to OU Medical Center was relatively short, perhaps 15 to 20 minutes on the interstate. The rent was $452 for a one bedroom unit on a month-to-month basis and would have been cheaper if we had signed a long term lease.
  13. by   OKNurse2be
    Quail Ridge Apartments at Memorial and May is also very reasonable. Several 1 bedroom options ranging from $440-$490 per month. Easy access to the freeway as well, plus shopping and dining right around the corner. The commute to OU Medical Center is about 15-20 minutes from there. There are several other apartment complexes in that general vicinity, but Quail Ridge is in my opinion the nicest.