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  1. Welllllll..... it looks like OCU is my only option, but figured I would ask anyways. Are there any other part time nursing schools in the metro area? I've already earned a BS degree in nutrition, so my pre reqs are all taken care of. I started an MBA program, got through a semester w/ high marks, but didn't like the school or the path it would take me.

    I'm a disease intervention specialist.... a fancy way of saying I work in HIV/STD. This is where I want to stay, but in order to advance, or to make any job changes in the future, I'll need to have a nursing degree.

    Since I love my job and refuse to quit (took me 2 years to get this job, I refuse to quit it.), I need a part time school. I'm currently 10k in debt from my graduate work, but other than that, no debt. . . finances aren't a HUGE issue... but the OCU cost scares the living pooh out of me, but I can't find any other options.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've already applied and I'm just waiting on the stupid dean of recommendation letter to be faxed in from my grad school. I spoke with the adviser and she reviewed my transcripts and sees no problems with me being accepted into the nursing program and starting part time in the spring (spoke w/ one of the profs on open house the other night and she said I might be able to take a class in the fall, so who knows at this point....).

    forgot to add: the NP i somewhat talked to really pushed OCU. She thinks it's the best education for the $ and will get me to where I want to be... but $55k?! plus i'll be going to the family NP program... i'm really scared about being $100+k in debt...
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    The only other part-time nursing program in OKC that I know of is not accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE. In addition, it is expensive, although not nearly as pricey as OCU.
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    that's what I thought.... oh well. What's a little debt?

    I didn't want to buy a house or a new car for the next 10 years anyways. . . who needs vacation, new clothes, or anything shiny? PFFFTTTTT.