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  1. Hello all! I just applied to OUHSC in January for the Traditional (2-year) program. We don't find out for at least another month whether we got accepted or not. I'm nervous, because I'm a transfer student (this is my second semester at OU), and I took A&P separately. I did take them both at accredited universities and emailed Patti Matney, who assured me that I'm fine as long as they were both from accredited universities and 4-hour courses (3 lecture, 1 lab). But I've heard people saying that you must have them separately. The anticipation is awful, but at least I only have 1 more month. I'm not sure how competitive OU. Does anyone know what they look for GPA-wise? I have a 3.7 average and around that for my science as well. I'm mainly worried about my credits transferring correctly. I've heard that they aren't very organized and that it can mess up your chances. I also heard from a friend this semester that you don't actually get a rejection letter if you don't get in but just have to assume that you didn't get in if you don't receive an acceptance letter. She said of course you call up there to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail or there wasn't a mistake. But really, is it that hard to send out a rejection letter so if I don't get in, I can make necessary arrangements?
    I don't know--I guess I'm really stressed about all this. Did anyone else apply to OU nursing this semester? What are yall's thoughts on this??
    Good luck to all that applied!!
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  3. by   BrandiannRN
    I graduated from OUHSC and did not have that high of a GPA although I did go to OU for all my pre reqs. A friend of mine didn't get in, and YOU DO get a letter from the school. Sometimes they make you an alternate. Also, if you just check the website it shows all of your transfer credits and you should just verify that everything is correct. I have never heard of OU being disorganized and causing people problems...at no one has said it in my class, and my class had 112 people. If you have any questions just let me know. I also have all my books still if you want to save some money.
  4. by   Kristina_RN_student
    I was accepted to the 2 yr. BSN program for the Fall 2007 in Tulsa and my experience with the school was positive. All of my course work, transcripts, and paperwork was received in a timely manner and nothing was lost.....thank goodness. The only problem I have was trying to reach someone in the Nursing Department by telephone or email. I left messages and sent emails but nothing was ever returned. I hope to meet fellow OU-Tulsa students...
  5. by   boricua15
    I am a prospective career mobility student (LPN to BSN), awaiting my acceptance letter. OU said letter would be sent out late May (waiting is killing me.). Anyone else doing the career mobility track?
  6. by   qpooh75
    I am also waiting on my acceptance letter for the career mobility program.

    Boricua15, have you taken your NLN Challenge Exams yet? I am scheduled to take mine in June.
  7. by   boricua15
    I have already take and passed all three of the NLN exams--they were pretty hard but doable.
  8. by   mistiffy
    I am also looking into applying to OU-Tulsa's nursing program for spring of 08. I talked to a lady yesterday who was very helpful and she informed me that I just needed to fill out a n application online and then send the tulsa campus my UNofficial transcripts and send my OFFicial transcripts to the OKC campus. She also said that I needed to write on the bottom on my unofficial transcript the classes that I am enrolled in for this summer and fall semester at TCC. Also, while I have More than a 2.5 for my science classes I currently only have a 2.433 for my cumulative, so she told me to apply anyway because they look at other stuff when they review plus I am enrolled in classes this summer an fall which could boost it. She also told me that they are now taking principles of chem OR General Chem, so that was very good to hear! Also I have a silly question, what exactly are the NLN exams and when do you have to take them? I hope this maybe helps somebody!
  9. by   BrandiBooh
    I also applied for the Fall 2007 in Tulsa, and I have a very high G.P.A. 3.888 and yet ironically I was made an "alternate" because they had to, as they put it, accept OU students OVER students from other institutions (I attend OSU-Stillwater) EVEN if students from other institutions had HIGHER g.p.a's.

    I REALLY want to go there but I have to just wait and see how things evolve and see if any space opens up. I really think its unfair, you do all this work and make excellent grades and yet you still aren't accepted into the program.

    I also was accepted in TU's Nursing but they start you out as a SOPH, and I will be a Jr. in the fall so that's a rather large set back if i do end up there...
  10. by   soonertwin87
    Brandi--one of my friends that goes to OU received a letter informing her she was an alternate for both OU-Tulsa and OU-OKC. She called the office multiple times and talked to the head of admissions and told the lady her story and how much she wanted to get accepted. I think keeping in touch with the office definitely helped her because that same day, she got a call from the lady saying she was accepted into the one she wanted. So my advice is to keep calling them and letting them know you are a hard worker and have much to offer (great GPA and such). Good luck!!
  11. by   BrandiBooh
    I got into contact with them ---thanks for the push soonertwin, i needed it!
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