Oklahoma City University Fall 2015

  1. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anyone out there will be attending Oklahoma City University in the fall 0f 2015 for the accelerated BSN program? I'm in the middle of admissions and haven't found out if I got in yet but would like to know who is attending? I would be moving from San Diego, CA. It would be nice to get to know some of you. I'd like to know where all of you are from and how your admissions process went?
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  3. by   nam6e
    OCU nursing school accepts everyone that applies as long as you meet the guidelines. Hope that helps!
  4. by   2bNurseJG2008
    thanks @nam6e! I submitted everything so I am currently waiting, even though they accept everyone I am still nervous to hear if I get in or not!
  5. by   2bNurseJG2008
    Anyone out there attending in the Fall 2015? and do you know when class starts exactly?
  6. by   Cmcdaniel
    Good afternoon. This is my first posting on this site. My daughter is doing the ABSN this Fall too. I've been helping her with gathering information on the school and general info on the area. We've never been to OKC ( she's from Washington State). I do know the first day of class is
    August 24th.
    My daughter is out of the country for the summer and has limited internet access.
    Maybe we can help each other out with what info we can find
  7. by   2bNurseJG2008
    @Cmcdaniel nice! I haven't found out if I have been accepted or not I'm still awaiting that, did it take long for her to find out ex: a month or a week? I'm super anxious to find out. I'm trying to get as much info as I can as well so I am willing to help!

    I don't know much about the area either. I was looking into living off campus and moving into a fully furnished apartment but still thinking about it. Have you guys taken a visit to OKC yet? Also, how are you financing the school? - that's what I'm worried about...I might have to take out a private loan for both tuition and cost of living since I won't be able to work.

    Was she having trouble getting into a program in her area? That's why I decided to look towards OKCU because I've been trying everywhere here in southern California and it is just too competitive.
  8. by   Cmcdaniel
    She applied I think in March and was emailed her acceptance in about 2 weeks. They also sent a letter to her to. As long as you meet the admission standard your in. We won't be able to visit the campus first because she left this past Thursday for a 3 month trip through Eurooe, so no time between her graduating college then leaving for her trip.
    She only applied to programs back East and then OK as a back up. She was rejected from 2, one was only accepting 35 students and received over 700 applications. She has a decent GPA, but not a 4.0 that is needed for most schools.
    OK isn't her first choice as far as location goes, but decided it wouldn't be so bad for only 16 mo.
    She decided to apply for on campus housing at the Cokesbury apartments manly for convenience. She has done the dorm thing and didn't want that again. She wanted to get an apartment but with not knowing the area and not knowing anyone to share it with we thought it best to at least stay the first semester on campus and she could move off campus later should she decide to.
    As far as paying for all of this we'll need to get loans, not sure what kind yet.
    She was told last week to expect a packet mid July with all the info she'll need. She's very excited to start the program!
    What will you be doing as far as living arrangements?
  9. by   2bNurseJG2008
    I have a friend that also applied to the program so if we both get accepted then we will look into off campus living together plus other roomates as well if we move in a house to minimize the cost...looking for fully furnished apartments to make it easier to move in. I, myself wouldn't want to live in the dorms because I like how there is just more freedom if you live off campus I feel...plus I would have my car to drive where I need to be. If I end up moving to OKC alone, then I would want to live off campus and find a roommate, which is why I'm on allnurses.com because I want to be able to talk with others who may also need a roommate and can maybe link up once settled in OKC.

    Yeah, OKC attracted me because it is only 16 months long compared to "accelerated" programs out here in California that can last 24-36 months.

    I applied to OKCU as a back up as well, so I am just waiting to see. Do you know approximately how much Kramer School of Nursing will cost? I tried to do my own research and found $60,000 but this was from a few years ago. I couldn't find an update approximate cost of the nursing program now.
  10. by   Cmcdaniel
    I emailed the school and asked the same question about how much the total price for the program would be. I was told $66,000.00 not including books and supplies and housing.
    My daughter didn't want dorms either. We found that the on campus apartments would be a good start. Getting an apartment off campus was going to be a little challenging for her at least for the first semester because of not knowing the area. My research has found that a place in a nicer area would be around a 20 minute driving trip to school every day, each way. I'd feel better at first any way if she was close to campus. Plus I didn't want her to get stuck paying of all of the rent if her roommate should drop out. I also heard the cooling bill is outrageous.
    My daughter has emailed a current student with some questions about housing and the program itself. She said quite a a few students have dropped out for various reasons, mostly because of not putting in enough time to the program ( in her opinion), so I didn't want to take a chance yet on a complete stranger be being able to pay rent.
    She's excited to share an apartment with 3 other girls and and hopefully at least 1 of them is in the same program.
    I'll keep you posted of anything new I find out.
    good luck!
  11. by   2bNurseJG2008
    Thanks for the info! That's a good idea for her to live on campus in case someone drops out. I'll have to keep in touch with you in case I do go to OKCU for nursing, I want to make some friends before going out there
  12. by   Nene333
    Hello, I'm so glad I found this fees because I've been wanting to get in contact with incoming students for the accelerated nursing program. I will be starting this fall and the admissions process took about 4-5 weeks for me. The reason it took so long was just confirming that all the science classes I took at a previous university transferred over. I'm also from northern california, (Bay Area). Right now I'm just finishing up some stuff with financial aid and looking for a place to live.
  13. by   2bNurseJG2008
    Hi Nene333,

    4-5 weeks? Wow I hope I find out soon, did you have trouble getting your science classes (prereqs?) to transfer over? I just found out i’ve been admitted to the university but am awaiting to hear back from the kramer school of nursing and was told I would hear back in 3-5 days, hopefully I find out soon. What did they tell you in regards to your science classes? I just want to know to be prepared.

    In regards to financial aid, how are you financing your school? I was looking into private loans such as wells fargo medcap loan, but am really not sure what to do to finance.

    What made you choose OKCU nursing? Did you have trouble getting into program in California just like I did? Also, did you visit the school already?
  14. by   Nene333
    Hey, so yes it took 4-5 weeks since the day I submitted my application. One of those weeks was during OKCU's spring break so that was an extra week where no work was being done towards my admission. I'm sure you will hear back from them soon but there is no harm in contacting them if you haven't heard from them. In regards to my science classes, they sent me a link where I input all my science courses, where I took them, how many units they were and also the grade I received, some of the courses also required a syllabi so when they send you that link I suggest including all the syllabi for those courses because they might email you back telling you to provide it so the more information you put the better.

    I actually just spoke with someone in the financial aid department today and she was very friendly and helpful. She broke down the costs of everything and the loans that are available. You will receive a packet in the mail that shows all the expenses you would have to pay. It's nice because they break it down into direct and indirect costs.

    Direct costs include: tuition, fees, first year fees, nursing fees, student health insurance. It comes out to be around 35,000 for the year although you can opt out of health insurance and the nursing fee depends on how many units you have its $2,470 a year if you are taking 15 units for both semesters and less if you take less units.

    Indirect costs include housing, meals, books, transportation and miscellaneous and they estimate that you would need around 15,000 per year. But then again that really just depends on where you live. It's much cheaper to live off campus and cook your own meals than to live on campus with a meal plan so that will cut down some expenses.

    I will have to take out a loan, the school offers a parent plus loan so cover around 50,000 but you should also compare with other outside loan companies. I don't know much about loans so my parents and I will be looking into that this weekend.

    I chose OKCU mainly because it was an accelerated program. I applied to one school in California but everything else out of state because it would be cheaper and they don't have a long waitlist. The schools in California are very competitive. I have a good GPA but it isn't a 4.0 either. Also it is a lot easier to find a job out of state. There are a lot of nursing job opportunities in California but they do not want to spend the money or time training new nurses so I wanted to be in an area where I can get my BSN and not have trouble finding a job that way I can work for a year or so and then come back to California and not be limited. I have a few nurses in my family and this out of state process worked really well for them. Sorry this was so long but I hope its helpful.