OCCC BADNAP Spring 2019

  1. I know this is really early, but I finally finished all my prerequisites and October can't come fast enough. Anyone else applying for Spring 2019? Now that the application is on NursingCAS I think doing it ahead of time is the most sensible to ensure timely processing. I will probably start the process in August. I am so nervous already and I have a whole summer and fall to make it through before finding out if by this time next year I could be halfway done with nursing school.
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  3. by   RNschool2019
    I am applying for Spring 2019 BADNAP! Can't wait!
  4. by   maurynawyno
    hi what does BADNAP stand for?
  5. by   RNschool2019
  6. by   Nurse_Kae
    I am applying for the traditional pathway spring '19 and if it makes you feel better, I've already submitted my application as of today ☺️
  7. by   mmtodd
    How many points are you all applying to the traditional program with?
  8. by   MelissaB91
    I am applying for Spring 2019! If I can get past a loophole in the NursingCAS, that is. That thing is going to be the death of me today.
  9. by   RNschool2019
    I just finished dealing with Nursing CAS today as well. It is a pain but I think I'm finally done. I was told that BADNAP already has 100 applications in. Does anyone know what GPA is considered competitive?
  10. by   MelissaB91
    I was just told what is considered competitive for GPA depends upon the applicant pool. I also got the impression that having all pre-requisites complete gives an advantage, but I could have misunderstood that.
  11. by   toniamor0803
    Turned it in last week. Two weeks before the due date. I also applied for the traditional but just as a back up. Now the waiting game. Hopefully by mid October we will know.
  12. by   toniamor0803
    Yeah the advisor I spoke with said GPA as low as 2.5 have gotten in before. I am hoping since I am done with all the prerequisites I will get in this time. This is my second try, I was so close the last time. So much freakin anxiety.
  13. by   toniamor0803
    Quote from mmtodd
    How many points are you all applying to the traditional program with?
    I calculated and I have 15.
  14. by   toniamor0803
    I have October 26th marked on my calendar since they said it will take 6 weeks. That's two weeks away from this Friday. Anyone else anxious?