nurse tech pay at st. francis? - page 2

Hi, does anybody know what st. francis pays their nurse techs? Also if anyone out there works there as a tech, Im curious to hear what you think about it!... Read More

  1. by   GunslingerOy
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? That is sooo crappy if you ask me, if no one is trying and the rates are so low in OKlahoma. Why do they think we have the worst health care?
  2. by   JessiJK
    I am currently a tech at SFH...Our base pay is $9.51 and with my night/weekend differential it ends up being around $12 an hour (I work 7p-7a...with a PCT class and no hospital experience!) It's not a bad job...Im going to nursing school in the fall! Im on a cardiac unit, but would rather be in peds! The staffing is short so the workload is large...which sucks!! But all in all its a good place to work!