Need To Hear From You!!!!

  1. hello everyone!

    i've been reading some of your past posts about nurses getting in trouble with narcotics. for the most part you have all been very supportive and encouraging. i would like your suggestions, opinions, and any feedback on my situation.

    i've been a nurse for 12 years without any prior problems, then i had a severe back injury back in december that required an epidural block along with pain meds and steroids. i'm sure you've heard it before " i never thought it would happen to me", but it did. i became addicted to narcotics.

    working in the er it was not difficult to obtain narcotics. (just a side note: i never deprived any patient of their pain meds!) as my back pain continued, so did my habit. i knew it was getting out of hand, so in september i put in my resignation. i was going to get treatment and get my life back.

    the week before i was going to leave, i was called in to my directors office and confronted with the missing medications. i had to do a ua drug screen and the police were called. i gave a statement to the police and thank goodness i wasn't arrested! my employer has zero tolerance so of course i was fired and escorted out of the hospital, totally mortified, and rightly so!

    i talked with the district attorney a few days later who told me no charges would be filed as long as i got treatment and provided him proof of the treatment.

    i called my BON and left a message since the person i needed to talk to was out. i haven't received a call back and this greatly disturbs me. does anyone know if this is the norm for the BON's? i know i will be receiving a letter to answer the charges, should i continue to wait for that or call again? will i lose my license? i can't afford an attorney, do i have to have one?

    if any of you have any answers or have been through this type of ordeal before, i would really appreciate any help i can get. i make no excuses for what happened. i'm embarrassed, weak, and in need of some help and direction. i've loved being a nurse and don't want to give it up! but i don't know if i have the strength to fight.

    need to hear from you!!!!
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  3. by   BabyRN2Be
    We really can't give direct legal help on this board because everything goes on a case by case basis. I know that this is not what you are going to want to hear, I highly suggest that you get a lawyer. I know others on this board would agree. Found out if you can pay him on a reduced basis, or you can call legal services in your area to find out the names of lawyers.

    I know this is a sticky situation, but I really feel that the best help you can get is through a lawyer.

    I hope things work out for you. Have you sought out help from a pain mangagement specialist? If you hurt your back in December and you are still have pain from the incident, this would qualify as chronic pain. Talk to your doctor and ask about a pain management specialist.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Please follow above poster's advice and secure an attorney. We can't provide legal advice, but I truly wish you well.