Moving to Lawton. Yeehaw.

  1. Okay, so my husband wants to move to Lawton Oklahoma. I can't believe it but I am finally, truly, giving into this and going with him because I love him. I also think it's high time we do something for him. He wants to be near what's left of his family.

    I am not usually one to come on here and ask about pay scale, but I already know off the bat that my pay will be significantly less in Lawton than it is here in the Houston area. But, what I would really like to know is,,, does anyone know Lawton? Are there any hospitals that I should stay away from? Or any that I should gravitate towards? I wanted to get away from hospital work, but I am thinking that it is best to work in a hospital at least for a year or two in Lawton, until I get the feel of the place.

    I am betting that there won't be many replies to this post, and that is okay. I understand. ANYTHING would be appreciated as I don't know any nurses living in Oklahoma.
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  3. by   Cherish
    Home to Ft. Sill Artillery Post, where I went to basic. There is an Army hospital on post if you would like to check out that, it's called Reynolds Army Community Hospital. If you want to just work with civilians and not mainly military there is Comanche County Memorial Hospital.
  4. by   Magsulfate
    Thank you I was up there last summer for one week. My mother in law was in the hospital, in the ICU for three weeks. I'm pretty sure it was comanche county, but I would have to double check. I do know that all of the nurses in the unit were awesome and I had no complaints on anyone that worked there. They were all very helpful and friendly. No one was ever rude and I even called to the nurse manager a few weeks after we came home to tell him that I was impressed with the nurses and staff there.

    But I still welcome anyone and everyone's thoughts ,, maybe I was there on a good week? haha j/k..
  5. by   StephieRN_1216
    hey there and welcome! i just responded to someone else's thread about this, may want to read that so I won't repeat it all......
    the only thing about the military hospital is that they have slowed down on hiring... i work there so of course i can't give details.... just that you may want to try CCMH or SWMC first - if you already have experience you're pretty much a shoe-in! the military spouses come and go, so Lawton often has nursing positions open. I know that SWMC is extremely short staffed right now - I did PRN there a few weeks ago and it was super busy.

    good luck and welcome!