Intense course load

  1. I'm taking Anatomy and Chemistry both next semester while working full-time. I'm by no means a science whiz. Do you guys think this is too much at once? Has anyone else survived this (by survive i mean make an A!) ?
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  3. by   Learn2Nurse
    How are you at math? Some people could do it but it will be so hard. I wouldn't suggest it if you are working full time. Then again maybe you will manage your time especially well because of the pressure. Can you take one this summer?
  4. by   Ciale
    Horrible at math. Unfortunetly, my school doesn't offer classes in the summer that are very accommodating to someone who works 8-5. Thanks for the advice. If I had excellent study habbits I think I could manage...I guess I could always test the waters and just drop the class if it's not working. Hmmm...errr...just so anxious to get admitted into the program.
  5. by   Learn2Nurse
    I took Chem 1 twice and had a c each time. I love chemistry but I couldn't get all of the work done because of my other courses. Thankfully those are my only c's and I did get in to OU. I don't know what other courses you have left but a good strategy might be to take Anatomy and another pre-requisite in the fall and take chemistry the semester you apply.
  6. by   Ciale
    The more people I ask, the more I'm convinced that taking chem alone would be the best idea. I'm trying to get into OSUOKC but the dang point system is in the 80's now (so I heard) so I was trying to get as many pre-reqs under my belt as I possibly could. I'm going to go ahead and pray that I ace the hesi and by God's grace I'll get in for Spring 2010. I'd be applying without Micro, Chem and Physi. Stranger things have happened, right!? Thanks for your input.
  7. by   1TachyRN
    I took Anatomy and Micro at the same time at OSU-OKC while working full-time. I had to study a lot, but I passed Micro with an A and Anatomy with a B. It can be done.