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I go to college in New York and will be in Tulsa for the summer. I have been advised to train as a CNA over the summer, but I cannot figure out how to get started, what the process is, and where to... Read More

  1. by   juliaann
    Sure of course! I'll send you a PM with some more info about the next class.

    Edit: I guess I can't send private messages yet since I haven't been a member here long enough/posted enough posts. Bummer. I talked to the instructor earlier today and she said they'll start reviewing applications the first week in march, interviews will be in mid march, and the next class will start end of march/beginning of april, which sounds like the timeline you were looking at with Interim anyway, so maybe you could even have options! You will likely get paid more working agency with Interim, but you'd have more stability with OSUMC, I'd think. And to me, being a CNA is such a tough job that stability/co-workers you know and get along with can make a HUGE difference.

    If you're willing to give me your e-mail address I will e-mail you the instructor's name and her work phone number, in case you wanted to give her a call to see if she's received your application/put in a good word for yourself. Whatever you're comfortable with.
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  2. by   bebe2010
    Central Technology Center in Sapupla should have a fast track CNA class
  3. by   Emilysmiths
    Hello! Has anyone attended or heard feedback about the Cetral Tech CNA class in Sapulpa, OK??