Dude Student at OCCC needing Advice!

  1. Hey yall! Im changing careers at 27! I have been in the construction industry ever since I was a teenager and have decided to go to school to become a RN. I am the safety director for a large general contractor in Oklahoma. I manage over 200+ employees and a team of safety coordinators, as a team we keep our workers nice and safe so they can go home to their families every day I am an artist as well. I sing and write music and would love to have more time to work on it but with working 6 days a week I just don't have time for it. I am a caring person that tends to always put other peoples needs above my own. Im attractive,fit, and easy to get along with..Can you give me some advice? How much of my social life over the next couple of years will I be sacrificing? I have a full sleeve(tattoo). Will that affect me in nursing school or in the work place? I dont have any piercings and I dress very professional, well for jobs I do Is it hard for a male to get a job in a hospital? Hard to date?? I take constructive criticism very well, believe in team work, and always have a pretty good attitude

    Reason for changing careers: I would like to make more of a difference in peoples lives more than I am doing now. I have not decided exactly where I want to work but a part of me is considering working with burn victims. My dad was killed in a fire 2 years ago and I feel I would do really well with burn victims and their families. And of course financially it is a rewarding career. I make good money now but I am going to work as an AUA at the beginning of the year to start getting some experience, better work schedule and get my foot in the door. I know HUGE pay cut compared to my job now but while I am going to school Im sure i can hang in there because it will be worth it when I graduate. I start this august towards the nursing program here at the OCCC. Any advice or opinions would be great!! thanks alot!!
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  3. by   Rob72
    A few thoughts- why would you have to quit as safety director? If you do well in clinicals, you could possibly hire on as float-pool/per diem with a hospital, and keep your "day job".

    Jobs are rather tight, and the AUA position will likely help you get/keep a job.

    I worked FT completely through the program at RSC. There isn't time for much else, though I really didn't have to dedicate significant time until 3rd & 4th semesters.

    You are going into a field dominated by females; don't make the mistake of making yourself unemployable by "having a full social life.":icon_roll I have a former co-worker who had to move out of state to work. Same thing applies in school- if you become known as a problem, the ladies may help you out the door. Don't be "that guy".

    Edit: It isn't as financially rewarding as has been billed. You can do well, but, as noted, if you can stay with your current employer and pick up some hospital time, you'll be far better off.

    Dunno about OCCC, but with Rose, tats had to be covered. Coban works, if you can't tolerate an Underarmor or similar longsleeve under your scrub top.
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    Thanks alot for your input. I dont want to be "that guy" either..lol..I typically get along with everyone and dont get sucked into drama pools.

    Reason for leaving as safety director, The construction industry is very up and down. You can be working for a year and laid off for a couple of months, or work for 6 months and laid off for 3 months. It just depends. The hours and days that I put in as a safety director won't allow me to go to school. Ive arranged with my work to allow me to keep my job while I go to school for my AUA until ive found a job as an AUA but if I were to stay where I am at now I can kiss school good bye and worry about where I am going to be a year from now. From the looks of things there isnt much work once we finish this high rise.

    When you referred to clinicals were you talking about in nursing school? I am just starting my pre-reqs and if I work hard enough at it than in 18 months I should be done and bale to apply to the nursing program. I will be done with my AUA schooling by Dec and have already applied to some hospitals where I can get on without it at first and work as a patient care team member.

    Not only will working as an AUA full time get my foot in the door but it will help me keep my eye on the overall goal of completing nursing school

    What field are you working in?
  5. by   Rob72
    Gotcha. I'm a "Research Nurse" with OU. AUA is a great way to get your practical skills down, and the nurses are (usually) glad to help you, once you're in the program.

    Good luck & feel free to pm/email me, if you find your self at the HSC.
  6. by   1manwlfpk
    Awesome..thanks again..OU is where I am trying to get on. How do you like it there? I havnt figured out how to send a PM on here yet
  7. by   Rob72
    email: rcox1 AT ouhsc DOT edu

    My wife and I have been here since '98. I was an AUA on the old private med-surg floor, nights, then core lab, hither-n-yon. We're actually 3 enities here: OU Medical (an HCA company), the Health Sciences Center(State), and OU Physcians (physcians' clinics). Like anywhere, there's been good and bad, but I've generally been blessed with good, professional, mentors.

    I'm happy, but I'm not a floor nurse...
  8. by   Mommaof3
    Hi there, I am a 30 year old who is changing professions. I will be starting my 3rd semester of nursing school at OCCC in a couple weeks. First things first, there were 72 students in NPI, there were probably a dozen men. I have not seen any discrimination as far as their gender goes and many of us female nursing students have enjoyed the company and the assistance of our male counterparts in the clinical experiences (and vice versa). We are all a team regardless of sex, or sexual orientation, or color of skin. As far as OCCC and your sleeve...you will have to cover it for clinicals and labs. Obviously gonna require more than a bandaid, however; at OCCC you are NOT allowed to wear long sleeve shirts under your scrubs, so this will require coban or ace bandage or something of that sort. Once you're out of school the requirements vary by facility.
    Also, I would like to point out that new grad nurses have a starting salary of approximately $18.65...therefore; the financial thing...not so much. I am personally taking a tremendous pay cut to become a nurse from my previous profession but I find it fulfilling in other ways. So don't do it for the money LOL. I agree that the AUA thing is cool...but not really necessary, most of your pre-reqs could be taken online while you performed your other job (unless you just have a desire to do the AUA thing) once in nursing school there are alot of possibilities to work as a nurse extern, nurse partner, etc. However; if AUA is the route you want to take, I'm not knocking it!
    Good luck, if you have any other questions about OCCC's nursing program feel free to ask!
  9. by   1manwlfpk
    Hey thanks for the input I decided to do AUA since its a quick way in and will be easier to work with school..even with my job that i do, online is still a pretty heavy load. As far as not wearing long sleeves under scrubs what about under-armour? Ive also found this things called tattoo-armor that you can get in any color even skin color, to cover your sleeves...also looks much better than an ace bandage...hopefully that will do..check this out http://www.tat2x.com/tattoo-cover-sl...t-details.html
  10. by   Mommaof3
    Nope, no long sleeves, no matter what brand. They say its a health hazard since at clinicals your hands go into all kinds of nastiness...you wouldn't wanna walk around with that on your sleeve all day! They only allow 3/4 length sleeves underneath scrubs. Which most people do wear because its SO COLD at clinicals. I definitely think the link you posted with the ink armor will work though! First semester is the one that everybody watches you like a hawk...down to measuring fingernails! lol. But after that it really is pretty laid back and they don't treat you like kindergarteners any more...meaning, long sleeves=OK. lol. Good luck with the change, it's gonna be a big one from construction!
  11. by   1manwlfpk
    Thanks! lol..i hope it works, otherwise ill be having to wear bandages on my arms and everyone will think there is something wrong with me! haha
  12. by   LPN MOM
    Hi i was looking up posts about the AUA program. I also am interested and and will go this year to Moore Norman for mine. Ive been a cna/mat for 5 yrs & i work in a memory care unit. Im burned out on working with the elderly & memory impaired at that. I would like to do the AUA to also get my foot in the door, ive already enrolled with OCCC but i have to start at the bottom with pre reqs. Any advice about the AUA position, pay, hospital, etc., anything?? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.